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Kenneth Riskey

"I got snipped this morning! I never thought getting neutered would be so pleasant! Not even joking. It was really great. No pain. They communicated very thoroughly. Follow their steps to the tee and it works the way it should. I'm holding down the couch now with some ice and binge watching Netflix. Doctor Murray and his team were overly communicative, informative, knowledgeable and gentle. I chose this office because of so many positive word of mouth recommendations. I was confident in having these guys do the procedure as they literally have performed thousands (if not tens of thousands) of successful vasectomies. Highly recommended!! "

February 8th, 2020

"Dr Strom is my definition of a dedicated medical professional. My last visit was just a routine visit to insure that my bladder is still healthy. During the visit I felt that he was focused on my health needs. What more can a patient ask for. "

Nate S

“I had my vasectomy done approximately 13 years ago here. The experience was flawless and I still recommend this team every chance I get.”

Scott Ransom

"My visit with Dr. Westfall was, by far, the most complete experience I have had with a Urologist in all my 80 years. His grasp of the medical complexities is first rate.....and his explanations of what could be difficult concepts is clear and complete. He LISTENS which not every clinician does....and answers all concerns and questions before you leave the office. Never found a better doctor in this or any specialty.. and I've seen my share. "

Jan Hurey

"Polite, professional and very thorough. I would highly recommend to anyone needing urological procedures or advice. I am urging my husband to transfer from his doctors in Denver to this practice. "

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