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The Simplified Vasectomy

The surgeons at Urological Associates of Western Colorado are experts in the "No-Scalpel" and traditional vasectomy techniques. These processes are designed to not only be time efficient, but as pain free as possible to create a more comfortable experience for our patients.

No-Scalpel Technique 

This procedure takes a different approach than the traditional method and does not require an incision


After the local anesthesia is applied to the skin and vas tubes, two instruments (a ring forcep and disserting forcep) are used to create a ¼ inch opening on the front side of the scrotum. During the procedure, the left and right vas deferens are divided one inch above each testis. The ends of the vas are sealed via cauterization. 


You won’t need any stiches, as this miniscule opening closes on its own within hours. Recovery is a few days, and there is less bruising and swelling compared to the traditional method.

Semen analysis is done 8-12 weeks after the vasectomy to ensure that it is sperm free.

Traditional Technique

In the conventional vasectomy technique, an anesthetic is first delivered to the scrotum through a needle injection. With the exception of making an incision, the traditional technique uses the same process as the no-scalpel


Once the area is anesthetized, using a scalpel, the doctor will then make one small incision in the skin of the scrotum. They will find the vas deferens and cut it. The ends of the vas are sealed via cauterization. After that, the doctor will close the incision with a stitch

The recovery time for a traditional vasectomy is a week, with some soreness, bruising and swelling. 

Semen analysis is done 8-12 weeks after the vasectomy to ensure that it is sperm free. 

Advantages of a Vasectomy:

  • No change in sex drive, sensation, erections, or regular semen volume.

  • Cost-efficient, one-time procedure.

  • Dependable form of contraception

  • Pain free, minor procedure that is completed in minutes.

It is vital to understand that Vasectomies do not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

Informational Video Clips and FAQ's with Dr. Strom

Welcome to our practice here at Urological Associates of Western Colorado

Dr. Strom gives us an introduction to what your Vasectomy experience will be like at UAWC.

Is pain medication prescribed post procedure? What else should I expect after my Vasectomy? 

When can I have sexual intercourse after my Vasectomy? Will I need to use protection still?

Thank you for watching!
Please call our office for questions and to schedule a consultation. 

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